Through my design studio, I have over the past 30 years solved design challenges for a wide range of design focused companies. Large and small, Danish and international. During this time, I also co-founded Linde Werdelin, a luxury sports watch company, which I left i 2019.

My focus was on interpreting and translating entrepreneurial dreams and business challenges into good design. It was about function, technique, solution orientation, minimisation and optimisation, precision, craftsmanship and materials combination. It was also about drive and passion, which alle became my passion. This is my point of departure. It’s in my designer DNA. 

With YOLK, the shift and emphasis is to generate ideas and nurture concepts originating in joyous, life-affirming feelings. These are 3D short stories that I need to share, to bring to life and fruition. Whenever possible I aim to collaborate with gifted local artisans and craftsmen. My passion is to combine high quality, sustainable craftsmanship with good design. 

I graduated from “Danmarks Designskole, - Furniture & Object’, today known as the Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design, Conservation.  I am also certified as a psychotherapist with insights and training in shock and trauma.