I am obsessed with color, shape, pattern and textural sensibility. Surfaces of all kinds attract my eyes and awaken my senses.

The choice of material is not key. It can be anything. Hard, soft, new or old. Mixed in new combinations. Though it must move me, stimulate my eyes, and make sense on some level in my work.

Order and structure, aesthetics and beauty and repetition unwind and calm my innerness. Though I mostly work intuitively. Even subjects from my inside which are not easy or even unpleasant will have a materialized outcome where the language is delicate. I need this to cope with the craziness and puzzle the world offers in general but also just for me as a human being.

My background as graphic designer and therapist is my vantage point, haven and foundation.

I graduated from “Danmarks Designskole, Institute of Visual Design", today known as the Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design, Conservation. I am also certified as a family- and psychotherapist and with insights and training in shock and trauma.